Automatic horizontal wrapping machine with rotating ring.

Automatic horizontal wrapping machine with rotating ring. The base is built in sturdy welded tubular steel, where the groups of the machine are fixed. To access the reel change, the machine is equipped with a door with safety opening.

Machine available in 1200 and 1600 mm diameter.

The rotating ring consists of a turned fifth wheel to obtain maximum safety and balance in rotation and can reach a speed of 80 rpm / min.
The rotation is obtained by a self-braking motor, driven by an inverter, which transmits motion to the ring through a rubber wheel. The fifth wheel during rotation is guided by sturdy adjustable containment wheels to obtain the right contact with the fifth wheel.

The Film dispensing carriage, in addition to supporting the reel, mounted on a friction roller, has a mechanical pull that can be adjusted according to specific needs.

The gripper and film cutting unit is made up of a contrast bar, which slides horizontally on self-lubricating sleeves. The drive is obtained by a pneumatic cylinder and has the task of shrinking the film band, clamping it, and cutting the final edge with a cold blade.

The machine inlet and outlet pressers have the task of keeping the load stable during winding.
Each group is composed of two PVC-covered idle rollers fixed to a support, adjustable to obtain maximum flexibility of the machine.
The drive is given by a pneumatic cylinder where it is possible to adjust the pressure from a dedicated pressure gauge.

Electrical panel incorporated in the machine structure controlled by PLC, and equipped with operator interface with "Touch Screen Color" display.
The machine is designed to work in line or stand alone, and is equipped with a Multiprogram to make it flexible to all application needs.
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Solid steel ring. Without any bending or welding. Lathed with high precision machines to obtain a perfect rotation and an optimal balance.