Semi-automatic turntable machine for the wrapping of coils and reels with stretch film.

Highest quality machine for coils wrapping.

The machine is particularly suitable for the packaging of coils of paper, cardboard, plastic films, nets, cables in reels and products of any cylindrical shape up to 2 meters in width, 2 meters in diameter and 3000 kg in weight.

On the plate of the machine there are two rollers that make the reel rotate during the plate rotation.
In this way the reel will be completely wrapped by the stretch film.

Available in the following film carriage configurations: Manual brake (FM), Electro-mechanical brake (FE), Motorized pre-stretch (PM) and Motorized variable pre-stretch (PMV)
(other configurations on request: plates diameter 1650, 1800, 2200 and 2400 mm)
The machine can be supplied with perimeter nets and safety barriers.
Some machine versions can be designed with the plate at the floor level.
To obtain a perfect packaging, the machine automatically detects the diameter of the coil and the film is positioned exactly in the center of the product to be wrapped.
In addition to the reels, the machine also has the possibility to wrap palletized loads.

Complete control of the machine.
The rotation of the Pallet, the lifting of the film carriage and the rollers are managed by inverters in order to vary the speed of  movements. In this way it is possible to optimize the wrapping in each phase of the packaging.
The machine is controlled by PLC and therefore can be customized for every different need.

The machine uses top quality components to ensure super reliable electronics.
The main components, such as inverters and contactors are Siemens or Abb.
Turntable machines : GALAXY COIL


The 2 rollers are extremely durable and are designed for a weight of 3000kg.



Example of a perfect wrapping of a big and heavy paper coil.